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What is Q Blocks?

Q Blocks enables you to harness the power of millions of idle consumer GPUs for Machine learning in a secure, affordable, and scalable manner. If you are a fan of SETI@home, Folding@home then you know what we mean.

Why Q Blocks?

gpu cloud - q blocks

1 Minute Setup

  • AI Frameworks
  • CUDA Drivers
  • Lightning fast results
cost effective gpu cloud - q blocks

Upto 80% savings

  • No hidden costs
  • No storage costs
  • No egress costs
reliable gpu cloud - q blocks

Data Security

  • End to End Network Encryption
  • 5 Security Protocols

Pre-configured ML Environments

Access ready to use GPU instances for Machine learning with pre-installed compatible software, GPU drivers and AI frameworks:

Ubuntu OS on Q Blocks GPU instance Tensorflow on Q Blocks GPU instance Pytorch on Q Blocks GPU instance Jupyter lab on Q Blocks GPU instance Nvidia CUDA on Q Blocks GPU instance

Train AI models faster

  • Select a GPU Instance
  • Select an AI Framework of your choice
  • Select Access Method: CLI or Jupyter Lab

Disco Diffusion AI Art

Seamlessly render Disco diffusion AI art on Q Blocks GPU instances with one-click access, powered by DiscoArt from Jina AI.

  • No coding/server setup required
  • Ready to use Disco Diffusion setup
  • Render beautiful AI art in minutes

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