Face Mask Detection Project:

In this period of covid pandemic, wearing masks on face have become crucial than ever before. This is the new norm.

To create a statistical analysis of the number of people wearing masks while being in the open, a project to detect facial masks has been developed by Kushal Bhavsar

In short, this system can detect whether a person has weared mask on their face or not using object detection approach offered by Deep learning AI framework - Tensorflow.

Who can benefit from this project?

Factories, Industries, Offices and Government agencies can use this system at the entry gate to allow only the people that are wearing a face mask to reduce the spread of Novel Corona Virus.

Project is currently in research mode. But you may use the resources below to see how it works!


Algorithm/Framework used for the project:

Deep learning Tensorflow

Tutorial Content:

Installation Guide:

  • Install Anaconda(Python 3.7) & Tensorflow GPU (Version 1.15 TF)
  • First Download Object Detecion official code from here
  • Then Download this Repository via GIT or zip.
  • Download Training.zip
  • In the Repository extract Training Zip.
  • Now copy all the files & folders from the repository.
  • Go to the master/research/object_detection and paste all files & folders of the repository to there.
  • Open face_mask_detection.ipynb in Jupyter and give the image in which you want to detect Mask(Mentioned in code).

Made By:

Kushal Bhavsar

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