Minimum System Requirements:

Add New Machine

These pre-requisites need to be fulfilled before you can successfully add a machine:
  • System Settings:
    • Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 or above
    • Minimum System RAM: 12GB or more per GPU
    • Minimum Storage: 150GB per GPU. SSD or NVMe Drive only.
    • CPU: Intel i3 / AMD Ryzen 3 or above. 2 Cores per GPU
  • GPU Settings:
    • Type of GPU: Only Nvidia GPUs (No AMD support right now)
    • GPU VRAM: 6GB or above
    • Drivers: CUDA Version 10.0 or above. cuDNN Version 7.0 or above.
    • Other requirement: Minimum 1 GPU. All GPUs need to be same on 1 machine
  • Internet Settings:
    • Download Speed: Minimum 30 Mbps
    • Upload Speed: Minimum 30 Mbps
  • Other Requirements:
    • Dedicated System only allowed: No other background work allowed as it results in poor system performance.
    • 24x7 System ON: System should be maintained 24x7. Power/Internet Outages will result in lower earnings and even banning if there are too many outages.
    • Data Security: You are prohibited from accessing or tampering the Qblocks data or application. Any action like this will result in legal implications.

In case, you have minimum machine requirements fulfilled and are still unable to setup the machine, send us an email at and we will get back to you soon.