Computer Vision Notebooks:

Here is a list of the top google colab notebooks that use computer vision to solve a complex problem such as object detection, classification etc:

# Name Task Link
1 Google DayDream Produce dream-alike imagery
2 Big GAN Produce photorealistic images
3 Style Transfer Transfer style of an image to another
4 DeOldify Colorization of Videos
5 3D Ken Burns Effect 3D depth video of a photo
6 First Order Motion model Transfers facial movements from video footage to an image
7 WiKi Art Create Images using Art works just like Art in AI
8 StyleGAN 2 Generate Facial Human Images using improved GAN
9 Edge Detection Use open cv to detect edges of the various images and videos
10 Learn to paint Teach machines to paint like human painters
11 TwinGan Unsupervised image translation for Human portraits
12 Face Swap GAN Takes 2 videos and swap faces
13 Traffic Counting Counts the traffic on roads
14 FaceBook detectron2 For object detection, covering bounding box and object instance segmentation outputs
15 DeepFaceLab Generate High quality DeepFake Videos
16 3D Feature Visualization Produce feature visualizations on 3D mesh surfaces
17 Lucid Modelzoo Visualize neural networks
18 YOLO V3 Object detection using Yolo
19 Clothe image classification Classify clothing images
20 Pneumonia detection Detect pneumonia from medical x-ray images
21 Breast cancer detection Detect breast cancer from pre-trained data sets
22 Imaging - Amaretto Amaretto is the software toolbox for network Biology
23 Waifu 2x Upscale photo and video quality
24 Twitter Trends Get a list of trending news on twitter
25 Mask R-CNN Object detection using Mask R-CNN
26 PiFu HD 3D Human Digitalisation
27 Sudoku Solver Solve sudoku using SatNet
27 GPT2 Adventure GPT2 based game
28 Atari Games Train an agent to play Atari Games
29 Cartoon GAN Cartoonize your photos
30 Hall of Faces Detect faces in any photo
31 Chrome Dino Game Bot that plays chrome dino game
32 Plant Classification A plant seedling classifier
33 Cascade R-CNN Object detection using Cascade RCNN
34 Pedestrian Tracking Pedestrian Tracking with YOLOv3 and DeepSORT
35 Segment Cars & Streets Real Time Semantic Segmentation with LightNet++
36 LipGAN Generate lip motion
37 Deeplab V3 Semantic Segmentation using Torchvision Deeplab v3
38 OpenPose Pose Detection with OpenPose
39 DensePose Pose Detection with DensePose
40 Text Detection Text Detection in a scene with PixelLink
41 Face Tracker Track and Segment Persons with SiamMask
42 Image Upsampler Upsample Images and generate HQ resolution with Pulse
43 Super Slow motion Make any video Super SlowMo
44 Replace Background Replace Image background with Background Matting
45 3D photo in-painting 3D Photography using Context-aware Layered Depth Inpainting
46 Super Resolution Image Super Resolution Prediction
47 3D object detection LiDAR point cloud based 3D object detection
48 Earth Engine Interactive mapping using earth engine API and folium
49 OpenVINO OpenVINO Edge developement and deployment on Google Colab
50 Autonomous Vehicle A self-driving car that manuvers itself on a two-lane track.
51 Image Colorization Instance aware image colorization
52 Real Image Editing In-Domain GAN Inversion for Real Image Editing
53 Vision Transformer Transformers for computer vison
54 ClipDraw AI Telephone Synthesize drawings to match a text prompt
55 AugLy Image Data augmentation library designed by FAIR
56 FaceNet A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering
57 Infinite Nature Perpetual View Generation of Natural Scenes from a Single Image
58 Siamese network Image similarity estimation using a Siamese Network with a triplet loss
59 Image Inversion Real Image GAN Inversion
60 SPADE Image synthesis from semantic layouts
61 Image Classification using ViT Image classification with Vision Transformer
62 MachineRay 2 Image Generation AI to Create Abstract Art
63 Image Compression Image compression using K-Means
64 Blood Cell Count Blood Cell Count using YOLO_V5
65 Image Colorization Colorizing images using U-Net and GAN
66 Image Similarity Detecting similar images with Keras
67 Image Attribution for Galaxies Visualizing deep learning with galaxiess
68 AdaMatch Semi-supervision and domain adaptation with AdaMatch
69 League of Legends League of Legends v4.20 Deep Reinforcement Learning Agent
70 Collaborative Filtering Personalized product recommendations
71 Iris Flower Classification Classify Iris Flowers using CV
72 Watermark Removal Split then Refine for Single Image Visible Watermark Removal
73 Image Restoration Using Deep Atrous Guided Filter for Under Display Camera Images
74 BlackJack DQN Use Deep-Q learning to train an agent on Blackjack
75 Mario RL Train a Mario playing Reinforcement Learning Agent

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