Vision and the secret plan of Q Blocks:

Few years back, while working as a particle physicist at CERN I stumbled upon distributed computing.

CERN asked people around the world to donate the computing power of their laptops to help researchers compute massive chunks of data about particle collisions and simulations.

This saved CERN a lot of time and money while inspiring a dream within me that turned into an obsession over a period of time.

A dream to connect all the smartphones in the world and build a powerful supercomputer to help scientists, engineers and innovators everywhere get faster computing results.

Our smartphones are becoming so powerful that they can handle a lot of computing work.

We landed the moon with lesser computing power, imagine what else is possible if we connect billions of smartphones to power innovations all over the planet.

It wasn’t possible a decade ago but it is becoming possible now to build a system which can help everyone get access to this unlimited computing power sitting idle in our smartphones.

Since the available compute power in the world and the needs are growing everyday, we have laid out the entire vision in multiple stages.

Here comes the secret plan:

Stage 1 is when we connect already existing crypto miners with their powerful system to build affordable supercomputers.

This is what we are doing right now. We are currently onboarding crypto miners from around the world to plug in their mining setups on our network to earn and power the supercomputers we are building.

Stage 2: We connect all the gamers and gaming consoles like X box and Playstations.

Imagine your idle PlayStation now making money for you while you are sleeping.

Imagine putting it to work on some of the most exciting problems in science and engineering.

As we establish our network and compute demand, we would invite all the gamers in the world to take part in this revolution.

Stage 3:

Final stage is when we want to involve a billion people with their smartphones on this exciting journey.

We believe that it is inevitable that very soon a day would come when our smartphone would actually be able to solve complex computational problems in a meaningful way.

We are pushing technology on multiple fronts to bring this future into reality sooner.

So in short the secret plan is:

  1. Connect crypto miners to power supercomputers
  2. Establish demand from companies and connect gamers
  3. Use gaming power to build more demand and then connect smartphones to further build powerful supercomputers

Don’t tell anyone.

Founder & CEO
Q Blocks
A Distributed Supercomputer